Ryvenlock Trilogy

The First Wordweaver: A Prequel Novella

A new age dawns. You must seek the phoenix in the mountains, in the darkness of the earth. There, you must face the shadows and return worthy to be called king. 

When 18-year-old Vilden receives a prophecy telling him to travel north to become worthy of ruling his people, he has no choice but to obey. With only a rival warrior and a seer as his companions, Vilden sets out on a journey to become king. But it takes more than milage to make a ruler. Vilden will have to face a dangerous wilderness, foreign hunters, and a life-changing sacrifice before he can fulfill the prophecy—though the outcome may not be exactly what he expects. 


The greatest asset to any army is not a soldier or an archer or even an officer; it is a Wordweaver. A powerful Wordweaver can annihilate hundreds with a single word, and a king would do anything to get his hands on one. Which is why 19-year-old Ynria keeps her abilities secret. She wants nothing more than to finish her studies, become a healer, and live her life in peace. But war finds her when soldiers come to her village to conscript a man from every family. Desperate to keep her best friend’s young brother safe at home—and to escape an unwanted marriage—Ynria disguises her gender and enlists in his place. When they reach their training grounds, however, Ynria and the villagers find that life as a soldier isn't what they'd expected. Now, trapped between two countries on the verge of war, Ynria must decide where her loyalties lie. Is it with her neighbors, from whom she has had to hide her true self all her life? Or with Six, an enemy scout whose quick smile hides a tragic past? Or is there a way to choose them both? 

Release date: Fall 2024

Books II and III coming in 2024!

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