The Ryvenlock Trilogy

The Ryvenlock Trilogy is a YA/NA Fantasy series which includes the main trilogy of Wordweaver, Ravenshield, and Everheir, along with the prequel novella The First Wordweaver. The stories are set in the land of Eanna, which is inspired by Scandinavian history and mythology. 

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The Lady and the Harper

Prince Garrin has never wanted the responsibilities of ruling a kingdom. His passions lie in music, adventures, and storytelling—but you can’t travel the world and put your adventures to song when you’re the sole heir to the throne. Besides, his 21st birthday is coming up, which means he will be presented with a princess who has been magically designed specifically for him, and the task of producing a new heir will fall on his shoulders as well. It is in this princess that Garrin finds his salvation. Princesses are supposed to act as court companions and mothers, but Garrin breaks tradition by requesting a few more qualities. A complete knowledge of the kingdom and its history, for one, plus an understanding of court procedures and politics, trade, governance, and foreign affairs—and Garrin’s princess will be the perfect ruler.

The problem is: the princess isn’t interested in running Garrin’s kingdom while he goes off adventuring.

And the king’s advisers, used to the personal power that comes from a weak figure of state, don’t want a ruler who knows how to rule.

Now instead of avoiding responsibilities, Garrin is avoiding assassination attempts and conspiracies to overthrow his family. But with Princess Arya’s help, he might just stand a chance at holding his throne and—maybe—find true love along the way.

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