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Books In Progress


Wordweaver begins with the story of Ynria, a young woman living in the mountains which divide the warring countries of Awnia and Ieli.  Ynria is a Wordweaver, a person who can channel the energy of the world into a form of magic.  A man named Aimbrit has successfully completed a coup which destroyed the royal family of Awnia, and he now seeks to extend his control by seizing Ieli.  In order to do this, he invades the mountain villages for resources and men, eventually sacking Ynria’s village and taking most of its men to be trained as soldiers or to work as slaves.  Ynria’s brother is among the captured, so she disguises herself as a boy to be taken as well, hoping to find him. After an escape attempt, Ynria accidentally discovers the country’s only hope of a peaceful resolution to the threatening war with Ieli- if she can convince her new friends that it's worth the risk.  

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What happens when the man you've sworn to kill is the only one who can help you save the most important person in your life?  This book picks up from where Wordweaver left off, continuing the story from a different perspective.


Everheir is the final book of the trilogy, and follows Prince Eileifr as he makes one final push to reclaim his throne.