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Flaming Sword


What happens when the man you've sworn to kill is the only one who can help save the most important person in your life? 

Ravenshield picks up where Wordweaver left off, continuing the story from Aze's perspective as he follows captured Ynria to the city of Andred. The city is plagued by an outlaw called Lox, who spreads rumors that the surviving Ryvenlock prince plans to challenge Grand General Ambritten for control of Awnia. But Aze's only hope of freeing Ynria is to work with Lox under the nose of his commanding officer—before the Grand General arrives at the end of the week.


Wordweaver tells the story of Ynria, a healer's apprentice who lives in the mountains which divide the warring countries of Awnia and Ieli. Ynria is a Wordweaver, a person who can channel energy into a spoken command, but she keeps her powers secret to avoid being used as a tool of war. But war finds her anyway when a troop of Awnian soldiers arrive in her village with a conscription notice, requiring one man from every family to serve in Grand General Ambritten's army. Ynria's younger brother Aze offers to go in their father's place, but she worries for her friend Mera and her family. With no father to send, Mera will have to watch her young brother march off to war instead. Unable to watch the family suffer, Ynria disguises her gender and joins the army under Mera's father's name, hoping to slip away and return home before the fighting begins.

But rather than being trained as soldiers, the villagers are used as laborers to dig a tunnel through the mountains, building an invasion route directly into Ieli. When the soldiers capture an Ieli scout on the other side of the tunnel, Ynria accidentally discovers the country’s only hope of a peaceful resolution to the threatening war—if she can convince her new friends to stand against the Grand General.



The final book in the Ryvenlock Trilogy, Everheir takes over the story from Six's point of view. After his challenge against Ambritten fails, Six is left injured and separated from his friends. Ambritten has left Andred with the intention of beginning his invasion of Ieli, and Six's only hope of stopping him is to reunite with the rangers and the Andred Outlaws. He has only one chance left to defeat Ambritten, and in doing so will have to choose between his identity as Six the ranger and Prince Eileifr Ryvenlock, last king of Awnia.

Blue Handwritten Notebook Letters Note H

Scribbles, Rhymes, & Lima Beans

"I wrote my first poem in first grade...
The words came to me as words come to every child,
tumbled, jumbled, and perfect.
A child doesn’t need meter or metaphor;
the words themselves are magic."

Scribbles, Rhymes, & Lima Beans is a collection of poems and illustrations that explore the messy, quiet, beautiful moments we all experience as we grow up.