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A prince who would do anything to live a life of adventure before becoming king. A princess who was created to be his perfect match, but who acts like she can't stand him. A centuries-long mystery and a secret plot between a scheming council and foreign dignitaries. And of course, a dash of magic and true love. Find it all in The Lady and the Harper, available now on Kindle Vella.

About Me

Hi, I'm Rachael—poet, novelist, artist, and coffee enthusiast. The stories I write feature a lot of the elements I love to read: found families, swashbuckling adventures, snarky heroes. My major influences range from Tolkien's languages and mythology to C.S. Forester's awkward but clever Horatio Hornblower, with a healthy dash of Robin Hood-inspired shenanigans mixed in. My poetry leans toward Romantic blended with a bit of slam, especially when it comes to playing with the sounds and meanings of words. Alliteration might be my bread and butter, but homonyms are my jam.