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Exciting News

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Today when I checked my email, I found a message from one of the publishers to whom I sent Wordweaver. That's right, I have officially received my very first...


No, I haven't confused the meaning of exciting. Did I secretly harbor the hope that my novel was so brilliant that publishers would scramble for the privilege of sharing it with the world? Of course. Was I disappointed to read that my manuscript would not be considered by that first company? Heck yeah.

But a bigger part of me feels thrilled by the fact that I am doing this. I am taking steps to achieve my dream, and receiving this rejection means that something is happening in that process. I know there will be many more rejections along this journey, but I am so excited to be going somewhere that it's hard to feel discouraged. The matter is out of my hands. I have worked as hard as I could on this manuscript, and it's freeing to know that whatever God has planned for it will happen in its own time.

And how sweet it will be when I open that email, and get to type up the post that my exciting news is of a different nature. Until then, I'll just keep doing what I've always done:

Write, and rejoice in the process.

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